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The Eight Essential Monosaccharides

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A saccharide is a sugar.[1] A glycan is a chain of saccharides.[2] A monosaccharide is a single sugar molecule (example: glucose), a disaccharide is a chain of two sugar molecules (example: lactose which is composed of glucose and galactose), an oligosaccharide is a chain of sugars ranging from three to 20 molecules long,[3] and a polysaccharide is a chain of sugars anywhere from 10 to thousands of thousands of sugars long and wide.[4]

The Eight Essential Monosaccharides

The 8 Essential Monosaccharides

Of the more than 200 saccharides found in nature, there are eight monosaccharides (glyconutrients) which are commonly found on the surface of our cells’ membranes and necessary for proper cellular function.[5] These are:

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