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The Mannatech Hoax & Fraud Unraveled. Oh Yes, there is a Mannatech Scam!

Written on November 18, 2011 No Comment

SCAM Acronym

Mannatech SCAM

It’s true! We advocate the use of glyconutrients and we can confirm that there is a Mannatech scam! Can you think of anyone better qualified to spread this information? Read on…

The Mannatech scam

Mannatech is involved in a huge hoax, but not in the way that most “bitch, gripe, moan”-type web sites are reporting. Mannatech is actually the target in a widespread, fraudulent attack that aims to discredit the Coppell-based company.

And most of the libelous commentary against Mannatech is being generated by people who have never even taken a single Mannatech product. How can people who have never dealt with the company give an honest opinion of whether Mannatech is a scam or not? How can they judge whether glyconutrients are nothing more than a hoax created by Mannatech? They can’t!

At GlycoTrainer we firmly believe that our customers’ wellbeing and satisfaction come above all other aspect of business. And… with their 6-month, full money-back guarantee, it is apparent that Mannatech does as well. This proves that the company stands behind their products. We challenge you to find another nutraceutical or pharmaceutical company with such a guarantee. This challenge alone, almost eliminates any concerns about the Mannatech glyconutrients being a scam!

A real scam

Being in business since mid-2004, our organization has had to deal with our fair share of skepticism. And this is good! We encourage people to be cautious and to look into what they are about to purchase.

We are going to contrast a few examples so you can better determine if Mannatech is indeed fraudulent and scamming consumers.

This morning, the FDA announced that a “blockbuster drug” for treating breast cancer should “no longer be used … because there’s no proof that it extends [patients'] lives and it presents dangerous side-effects”.[1]

Let’s analyze the previous paragraph:

  1. The medication referred to in the article is a “blockbuster drug”, meaning that it has possibly generated billions of dollars in revenue
  2. The FDA had previously approved the medication but believes that it should “no longer be used”. So the FDA isn’t always right
  3. “There’s no proof that it extends [patients'] lives”
  4. “Presents dangerous side-effects”

Incredible!Incredible! Are you as shocked as we are? There isn’t anything positive in that paragraph! If, after mass consumption, there is no proof that it extends the lives of the people who take it, it means that there was no proof that it did so when it was brought to the FDA for approval. Question: Why was it approved? The FDA either knew it was a dangerous medication and it approved it anyways, or it did not know and didn’t ask for more toxicology-related studies. Let’s err on their side and give them the benefit of the doubt: they may have been presented with an LD-50 and they felt it was enough because they truly believed the benefits outweighed the risks. Regardless of why this medication was initially approved, you do agree there is something seriously wrong here, right?

One of the most frequent questions we get from doctors or people who are seeing a doctor is whether glyconutrients (or most other Mannatech products) are FDA approved. Our answer is always, “No”. Mannatech products are plant-based. Plant-based foods have been around since before man. There is no need for the FDA to approve these products. Apples, for example, are not required to be FDA approved. Mannatech goes out of their way to have their GMP manufacturing process, and products, certified by reputable third parties. The products contain no harmful ingredients and are therefore considered safe at large doses. More importantly, Mannatech has never had a product pulled from the market because it “presented dangerous side-effects”, as is the case with many medications.

This isn’t the first time the FDA has had to go back on its approvals. Remember Vioxx in 2004[2] and Avandia in May of this year (2011).[3] These are two recent examples of medications that were approved, caused the death of hundreds of thousands of consumers, and the FDA pulled them off the market (only after billions of dollars in sales).

Even more amazing than the FDA approving this medication only to have to withdraw it years later (after breaking record sales), is the fact that some people are angry about the FDA’s decision! Yes! The FDA has proof that there is no proof that this medication helps people. And yet, people want it! The risks of taking this medication may outweigh the benefits… And people don’t care. Patient advocacy groups are calling this decision a mistake.

Some people evaluate whether to take a plant-based nutritional supplement on FDA approval, but these same people are quick to challenge the FDA’s decisions when it comes to banishing a toxic medication?

Mannatech Logo


The State of Texas vs. Mannatech

Mannatech survived the investigation that was mounted against it by the State of Texas in its lawsuit against the company, and was not found guilty of any wrong doing. Had there been a single shred of evidence linking Mannatech to fraud or a scam, the state would have launched a devastating legal assault that would have forced the company to stop selling glyconutrients, and possibly stop doing business altogether.

Mannatech is not out to scam you

The Mannatech scam is real but from a different perspective. The company is a target. It is not scheming against you. It is not fraudulent.

Stop listening to opinions and start looking at the science behind Mannatech.

We invite you to read through this web site. We offer references to the material we post. The content on this web site is not our opinion, it is fact. Read about glyconutrients and glycobiology. Look at the studies that have found advanced glyconutrients to be beneficial for brain function and memory.[4] A couple of months ago, the Australian government gave a grant to a researcher who has already published studies about how Mannatech’s glyconutrients improve cognitive function.[5]

Also, be sure to read about how we, together with Mannatech, are helping change the lives of thousands of hunger-stricken kids around the world. Become a hero too. Join us and help hundreds more.


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